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Icon and Fic Requests

Hi, I'm asking if anyone knows of any Kirk/Spock/Uhura fics and-or icons.
I'm a fan of any pairing of them, and together their my ot3, but i haven't been able to find anything about the three of them together.
So, i'm asking for anyone to guide me and maybe make some icons for me.
So heres a couple pictures to hopefully push you forward.


if anyone does decide to do this for me, i'd like the text to be 'ot3' 'primary colors' and 'omfg, it's the POWER RANGERS'
(the last ones my favorite!)

thank you and good day

A Super Rise

Title: A Super Rise

Author: GingerBerry

Fandom: Superman

Characters/Pairing: Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent; Climmy

Rating: M for Mature

Summary: Jimmy gets a Super gift for his birthday.

Warning: Silly and Smutty

Disclaimer: If I owned them, they’d be better off.

Word Count: 2000

“Here.” A sharp voice said as a card was pushed into his hands. The dark-haired woman moved past Jimmy toward the elevators followed by a tall, well-built man dressed in an attractively tailored suit and horn-rimmed glasses.

Clark paused in his pursuit of Lois to put his arm around the shorter man’s shoulder. “Sorry about that Jimmy, but you know how she is when she’s on the trail.”

“It’s ok, CK.” The redhead replied, looking up at the older man and grinned.

“My gift‘s at home,”

A shout from the elevators, “Move it, Kent!”

Clark winked, “I‘ll bring it over tonight, about eight.”

“Yeah,” Jimmy blushed, “see yah then.”

He watched as the tall man hurried to the make it into the elevator before the doors closed and couldn’t help the sappy smile that came over his face.


It was 7:53 that night when Jimmy finally got home. Perry had him doing the Luthor fluff piece that none of the serious journalist’s would go near. It had taken most of his day just trying to find good points to put down, without too many obviously veiled insults.

As he entered his small one bedroom apartment, he put his equipment bag down on his couch and took off his shoes. He usually spent most of his free time at Clarks. The place was surprisingly messy considering.

He headed into his bedroom when he stopped. Lying in his bed was a nearly naked Superman.

He was wearing only a pair of tightie-whiteys’. A blue pair with a Super-sigil right over the bulging crotch.

Jimmy felt his pants grow tighter.

“Clark, is that my present?”

“Part.” He grinned as he stood up and walked over to the redhead. As he neared, the shorter man looked up into the 6’4”, 240 lbs man’s eyes and blushed bright under his freckles and his breath catch.

The imposing, heavily muscled body of his best friend and the worlds greatest superhero was now directly in front of the 5’8”, 150 lbs man.

One of Clark’s hand went to grip Jimmy’s hip and the other to the back of his head. He pulled him into a deep kiss.

Jimmy gave himself fully to the other’s control and both of their desire. His tongue gently played with the others.

The hand on Jimmy’s hip moved around to cup his rear with a squeeze as Clark deepened the kiss further for a moment, before he went on to kiss the freckles on his right cheek.

The smaller man felt himself being lifted up by the hand on his ass as the other moved to unbutton his shirt. The full lips of the kryptonian were now mid-chest and Jimmy groaned when their covered cocks slid along each other. He let his shirt drop off before gripping Clarks broad shoulders and wrapping his legs around the toned waist.

Jimmy was mesmerized as he watched the suntanned man’s lips a place open, wet kisses along his own pale, lightly freckled chest. Soon, Clark was taking the pink nipple into his mouth and nibbling at it causing the man in his hand to moan heavily, the cock pressing into his abs growing harder still and the champion of righteousness growled as he looked up into the eyes of his frail lover.

Jimmy was able to focus enough to form a thought. And then surprised himself that he was able to voice it.

“Pants. Off. Please!”

Both of Clarks hands were on his ass now while he was lifted higher still and he had to hold tight to keep steady. His cock was now in the middle of Superman’s muscled chest.

“O.K.” Was Clarks sharp toothed reply. One of his hand went around to remove his belt and unfasten his pants while Jimmy nervously watched. Done with that, his arm moved around Jimmy‘s waist.

He looked back up at the face of his sweet love and this time smiled gently. “Let go with your legs.”

Jimmy wondered, “Can’t we do this on the bed?”

His answer was just a raised eyebrow, and his dick throbbed in reply.

He let his legs unwrap from Clark’s midsection, supported only by his arms and the man of steels. He exhaled sharply as Superman used his free hand to pull down his pants and underwear. He wiggled and they dropped a bit more than three feet to the ground.

The two men smiled at each other as Jimmy rewrapped his legs around Clark, and the heroes hands were back on his pal’s now naked ass.

Jimmy hissed as his cock made contact with Clark’s sternum. He hips jerked just a little spreading pre-come and causing the larger man to groan aloud. The dark haired man went to suckling on Jimmy’s other nipple. As he did this he parted the pale cheeks and began to tease his hole by lightly scratching around it with his nail.

“Ungh” Jimmy whimpered, causing Clark to smirk and bite at the nipple before letting go.
“Oh, God yes, Clark!” He cried as the finger, still dry, pressed into the small opening. It burned so good.

Clark carried Jimmy over to the bed and pulled his finger from him. Crawling across the bed and placing him at the center, he sat up and looked at his lover clad only in socks.

Clark chuckled, leant down and took the smaller mans cock into his mouth, swallowing as he went. Jimmy once again humped upward, Clarks lips against the red pubic hair. He sucked before pulling back, his teeth grazing up to the head causing Jimmy to grip the sheets and pump into Superman’s willing mouth.

Clark blowing him was unlike anything he’d ever felt. It was exhilarating and delirious. He knew he was praising Clarks skill, but he had no idea what he was saying. He felt the wet, warm glide of the strong tongue along his penis. His head jerked from side to side as Clark sucked on him. When the warmth encircling him got to his head, he felt the skilled tongue press into his slit and slide down. Jimmy came

Clark nearly groaned at the taste but held it as he moved up to kiss Jimmy and pass along half the load before swallowing his share. Their tongues went back to dueling playfully. Clark went to pull back and Jimmy leaned forward to keep their lips locked.

Clark pushed Jimmy into laying back down. The two grinned at each other. As Jimmy lay there, Clark let his hand roam over the smaller mans body. Playing with his nipples and areola , scratching down the fiery treasure trail before lightly gripping the soft, sensitive member. Jimmy simpered at the pleasure/pain. Clark let go.

Jimmy relaxed and looked over his man. Grinning, with a sheen of pre-come on his chest, he noticed the stiff cock sticking out the top of the super-undies. He couldn’t help the spark of desire that raced though his blood at the sight.

This time Jimmy took the lead. He moved up on his knees and leaned down to take the large, purple head between his lips, pursing them and sucking. He put his hands on the back of Clarks hips and pushed them inside the elastic.

He began to push the blue cotton down the muscled ass and squeezed the cheeks. He took more of the thick meat into his mouth as it was revealed.

The underwear pooled at his knees and the redhead suckling at his cock, Clark laced his fingers through the hair. He gripped Jimmy’s head as it moved back and forth, taking in more of his length with each stroke and putting to use skills Clark used on him. Clark breath deepened and his grip tightened, pulling at the wavy red locks.

After a while, he urged Jimmy off him. He glanced into his eyes, blue fire meeting green. His cock was soaked with saliva. He leant back on the bed, stretching his legs to either side of his hero. Clark reached over him, their skin meeting, to reach the nightstand and grab the lube. He sat up and, looking at his lover, opened the cap and began to pour it onto his fingers.

Stepping forward on his knees, his underwear moved to his calf and then ankle before he kicked them off.

His slick fingers reached under the testicles and Jimmy lifted up to help. One finger pressed in, soon followed by a second. Jimmy groaned at the burn and Clark moved to kiss and comfort him.

Locked in a gentle kiss, Clark eased a third into the photographers hole. He started scissoring them to stretch the tight orifice.

They parted for air but kept their foreheads together and their nosed touching.

Clark pulled his fingers out, only to add a fourth.

Jimmy gasped, “I love you!”

Clark grinned, “I love you, too.”

Their heavy breathing rhythmic, and hearts beating hard, Clark stretched him for several minutes with them exchanging kisses.

Finally, when he felt him ready, he pulled them out and moved forward, quickly lubing his leaking cock. He lay down, resting on his arm over Jimmy. He positioned his cockhead at Jimmy’s hole and, kissing yet again, started pushing into lover.

Now resting both arms on either side of him, Jimmy wrapped his legs around Clarks waist as he pushed into him. It always took time for him to take all of the kryptonian’s cock. And it always burned so well to take the massive girth.

He breathed through the strain. When he had all Clark in him, they rested for a bit and Jimmy noticed he was again fully erect.

They began to move against each other, slowly at first then gaining speed as they went along. Soon, they tempo was swift and the slapping of skin on skin filled the room, accompanied by the moans and groans and grunts.

Holding onto Superman and lifting himself up, he hung off him and Kal began to less loose. His thrust hard enough to bruise, but that was normal. He was always bruised after sex and he enjoyed the sting.

“Soon, oh, God baby, soon.” Clark let out a roar, his member surrounded by slick warmth. He couldn’t contain himself. He twisted his hips just enough, sliding across Jimmy’s prostate with each pump. Jimmy was going wild, hanging onto Superman. His thrusts on Clarks cock erratic.

Clark sat up, arms wrapped around Jimmy and holding him tight. His breath against Jimmy’s lips, then his chin, and finally his neck.. He started mouthing between his neck and shoulder.

When the larger man bit as he stroked Jimmy’s prostate, light burst behind his lids, the smaller man came for the second time. His muscles tightened on Clark, causing him to follow after, his body on fire. They continued their rise and fall for awhile after.

Clark twisted around and lay on the bed himself, with Jimmy on top of him. They were still connected, Jimmy breathing deep and massaging Superman’s chest.

“Thanks for the present, C.K..” Jimmy kissed Clarks throat. Clark grunted.

“I told you, that was only part.” Clark leaned over and reached into the bedside table drawer. Out came a new digital camera. Or, at least, what looked like one.

“It’s something I made up at the Fortress. It’s designed to be as powerful as my telescopic vision, but it only activates with your D.N.A.” Clark explained.

“I’ll play with it later. I need to rest up for round three.” He closed his eyes and was soon snoring.

Clark just watched him sleep.

Jimmy deserved it after what he’d given him for his birthday.

Author Notes: My first fanfic posted, any critiques or criticism should be firm but gentle.